With Glass TubEco-Refill
This silky firming cream with SPF 15 gives your skin the daily nutrition and hydration it needs, while protecting it from the sun's rays. Elixir oils (camellia, rosehip and grape seed) hydrate, firm, tone and increase the elasticity of the skin. A combination of vegetable oils that combine the anti-aging, antioxidant and revitalizing effect of hibiscus and baobab, and the high hydrating power of avocado oil. The result is a smooth and silky face after the first application.
Did you know that with this product you not only take care of your skin? You also take care of the environment. Once finished, keep this container made from recyclable plastic and fill it with our eco refill to reduce plastic consumption by almost 90%. The planet and your pocket will notice.

82% ingredients of natural origin | Use and hydration test | Dermatologically tested

Use test:
- 100% of the women surveyed recommend the product.
- 100% of women affirm that the product tones and enhances the natural beauty of the skin. -
- 95% of women affirm that it hydrates, firms and revitalizes the skin.
- 89% of women affirm that the product visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin more nourished.
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When you get up and before going to sleep, apply this silky firming cream on a clean face and massage it in circular movements until completely absorbed.

Ideal For Normal Or Dry Skin

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