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Blanket, some sushi and series of those that leave you glued to the television for hours. Who does not fancy this winter plan? Now that the temperatures invite you to enjoy home plans, we suggest that you complete your Netflix session with  the best beauty treatments  . These are our favorite series and movies to enjoy an afternoon of  beauty rest . You deserve it! 

You , season 2 

Following the success of the first season,  this series inspired by the novel by Caroline  Kepnes or order has returned to Netflix and we can not think of a better excuse to  inaugurate the weekend  that  a good marathon  of  You . If you have not yet hooked on  the phenomenon that is sweeping  the world ,  we will only tell you that  the young bookseller from New York  Joe  (who already conquered us with his role as Dan in Gossip Girl ) falls in love with one of his clients Well, actually, he is obsessed. And l      or that it could be a wonderful love story quickly turns into  dangerous bullying  that makes anyone's hair stand on end.  

A  thriller that  will hook you to the screen from the first minute to the last episode and that  you can enjoy  while taking  care of your hands with a complete manicure treatment . Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the series of the moment and use the Shiny Blacnail polish with its incredible shine effect. Finish the treatment  by applying Black Label 086 hand cream  enriched with honey extract and almond oil . You will have the perfect hands to dazzle in this new year!     

The  Crown , season 3 

Spectacular palaces, an exquisite accent and a wardrobe worthy of… the best queen! If you, too, have been waiting for the premiere of the third season of  The  Crown ,  prepare to receive Queen Elizabeth II with your best face . Take advantage of its episodes to relax on the couch while you take care of your face with a facial mask . You can choose between a  fabric mask inspired by Korean beauty treatments  or take advantage of your moment of rest to enjoy a  mask created with natural clays . Our favorite is the  Glow Mask ,  created with natural clay  and enriched with butter  shea  and rose flower extract. In just 10 minutes it will make you feel like a true queen  with a bright and renewed face. 

the Irish 

We could not put aside the movie that everyone talks about. We have  the perfect beauty plan   to enjoy  The Irishman , the long-awaited Martin Scorsese movie. Their filming ended almost 2 years ago but since then they have not stopped working on it. Why ? Because they have rejuvenated all their actors with special effects!  

This film lasts 3 hours, so you will have enough time to enjoy a complete body hydration treatment with the best sweet floral aroma and emulate their actors,  feeling younger every minute . We suggest that, before sitting down to watch this movie, enjoy a relaxing shower accompanied by bath gel  Black Label  192 in riquecido with aloe vera and water mint extract . Once in front of the TV, take the opportunity to apply the Black Label  192 body lotion   with a calm massage. Its rice proteins  will leave your skin soft and delicately perfumed . Now yes:  ready  for the sconectar with  this feeling peliculón d and as relaxed . 


What do you think of our series suggestions to create a beauty rest moment Get your favorite cosmetic products at  your nearest Equivalenza store  and  enjoy an afternoon just for you chapter after chapter  You deserve it!   


Free opinion of the author: there is no collaboration with Netflix or with any series production company.

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