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The song already says it: "Beauty is inside." If Mrs. Potts (perhaps you know her as the kettle from Beauty and the Beast) is very wise. And although it sounds cliché, this is the reality, even in the perfume.  

Perfume and its forms 

Perfume has adopted, over the centuries, many forms:  in smoke, in baths, in oils, in  bags ...   

In the Stone Age, aromatic wood and resin were burned to offer to the deities. In Egypt and Mesopotamia natural essences were made   with plants and other raw materials. Scented sachets became popular in China, and in Greece scented baths were recommended for some ailments. 

Now we continue to use it in oil, soap, solid or liquid perfume, cream or air freshener,  to perfume our homes or our skin.  

The essentials, in bulk  

Whatever its form, in perfume,  the important thing has always been and still is its fragrance.  For this reason, in bulk perfumery, the quality of the essences and sustainability prevail, leaving in the background the exclusivity of the packaging, which  makes the product more expensive and generates waste in the environment. 

Our more than  130 perfumes share a single minimalist  simple  and  reusable bottle , available in three formats! Thus, we focus on what is important in the  essences  of  high quality  and our system of  filling  to  take care of the environment and bring high - end perfumes to suit all budgets . Because less is more. 

P ara each time and not break the bank

The true lovers of perfumery know that there is a perfume for every moment. In the same way that we change our outfit every day, it  is advisable to adapt our perfume according to the occasion.  In Equivalenza, you can try different fragrances and buy them in a smaller format (50 or 30 ml), from only € 8.95. To  c hange of  fragrance  whenever you want, valuing the essentials: the  inside .  

And if you are one of those who needs to carry your perfume always on top to review the intensity of its fragrance, our  vaporizer  will be your perfect complement. Refill it whenever you want with 15 ml with the fragrance that you most want and take it on a journey through your life.

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