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Our purpose for this year is that you enjoy taking care of yourself . That's why we've redesigned our Black Label body care line to add an elegant touch to your personalized scent ritual. If you want to start taking care of yourself, don't miss out on everything that this complete line of body care can do for you.

Designed for everyone

Designed to accompany you in every step of your personal care routine, within Equivalenza's Black Label range you will find everything from shower gel, lotion and body butter to deodorant . The range is completed with some exclusive products for men's skin care , such as After Shave Black Label 269 and deodorants in spray.


A personal scent

Often in our personal care routine we mix scents from different creams and shower gels. If you are one of those who like to enjoy a single fragrance while taking care of yourself, the Black Label range is perfect for you. In this range you will find each step of your personal care routine available in different Equivalenza scents. So, if for example your perfume Equivalenza is the Oriental Spicy 144 , can enhance the life of your favorite perfume thanks to the use of the Bath Gel 144 Black Label , the Body Lotion Black Label 144 and Desodorante Black Label 144 .

View Our Full 144 Collection 

A good gift

You are not the only one who has decided to start the year taking care of yourself. That is why we have devised two gift options for you to discover the Black Label range to whom you love the most . These are two boxes of different sizes that include a perfume, a body lotion and a bath gel prepared to surprise. Choose the scent that you like the most and enjoy giving beauty.

Don't wait any longer to begin a complete beauty ritual with which to enhance the duration of your favorite perfume

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