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Scenting before leaving home is often a sacred ritual for many, but what happens when we are at home? 70% of our followers on social networks admit to using perfume during confinement , even if it is to go from sofa to bed and from bed to sofa. You know why? Our expert perfumer,  Mylène Thioux , explains it to us  

We talk to our perfumer 

Why do we continue to perfume ourselves, even if we don't leave the house? 

Scenting has a deeper meaning than we think. Besides being an unquestionable object of seduction and attraction,  your fragrance is a reflection of your personality and speaks of your own essence . Wherever you are, you are still the same person and your perfume helps you express it.  

Why is it important to perfume ourselves during confinement? 

The situation we live in is one more reason to take care of ourselves. If we feel smiling on the inside, it is also reflected on the outside. Perfuming is a way to take care of our soul  with the well-being that our fragrance gives us.  

Scenting has a deeper meaning than we think.

How does perfume affect our mood? 

The absence of social and professional life, direct contact with our friends, affect our state of mind. More than ever we need to  maintain our beauty routine and take  care of ourselves , even if we are at home. 

What perfume would you recommend for these days at home? 

Logic would say to use lighter fragrances , more discreet ... but I think that, deep down, we need to recognize ourselves, so I  recommend using the same fragrance that you use when you go out . In my case, I wear a woody, spicy fragrance and I feel very comfortable with it. 

Our perfumer has spoken. For Mylène Thioux, the personal aroma is, now more than ever, essential in our daily lives. And you, do you still perfume yourself at home? You can find your ideal perfume in your   usual Equivalenza store , now also online, and we take it home taking into account all the security measures.

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