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It is a season of new beginnings . A new job is a great way to start the course with renewed energy and eager to jump-start your professional life.

To get the position of your dreams in a company that you like, in addition to your resume, you will need to conduct an impeccable interview. It is important to breathe deeply, be positive and take care of every detail of your clothing and body odor. In particular, your perfume and body odor take on vital importance in short distances, conference rooms and more, with the nerves of the moment.

The smell, a determining detail in an interview

Body odor in an interview is not just another detail . Presenting yourself looking and smelling fresh will make a difference. Tips: avoid tobacco, take care of your oral hygiene and choose neutral soap and deodorant or with not very strong odors so as not to harass the person who interviews you with a thousand fragrances. In an interview we must smell good but it is better not to distract with our fragrance . The best option is something soft, floral or citrus. Put aside the more intense smells this time.

Perfect perfumes for job interviews

The reaction to smell is a physiological but also a social phenomenon. What we perceive from others and what they perceive from us will also shape our professional interaction. In a job interview, the person doing the interview will consciously assess our skills but will inadvertently consider non-verbal aspects such as tone of voice, body posture, and perfume . We detail what feelings a fragrance can cause in someone and what perfume is ideal for you.

Floral fragrance

It is characterized by the sweet and fresh aroma and conveys ingenuity and reflexivity . Oriental Floral 095 perfume is perfect to smell good without much fanfare.

Herbal or green fragrance

The choice of optimistic professionals, with good humor and willing to solve any problem quickly . You identify? Then the Herbaceous Aromatic 313 perfume  is for you.

Oriental fragrance

They are made from sweet ingredients like vanilla and cinnamon . These aromas convey personality and efficiency. Are you taking arms? The Oriental Floral 095 perfume with white flowers, vanilla, patchouli and vetiver will be your great ally.

Fruity fragrance 

People fun and carefree often prefer perfumes with fruity aroma. The Frutal Gourmand 077 perfume is the ideal example. With soft woods, musky notes, amber and vanilla, these scents blend perfectly with the subtle scent of jasmine and violet to lift anyone's spirits.

Woody fragrance

Maturity and personal satisfaction is what the professionals who use this type of aromas transmit. The Oriental Woody perfume 314 is your match.  Tonka bean, amber, the smell of wood and its sweet vanilla touch is the key.


Do not hesitate, your smell, together with your personal image and your resume, will mark the best result in the job interview.

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