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The cold is here! And with it comes dry skin. Have you also noticed that during the winter your skin becomes dehydrated and loses flexibility? Don't worry, dry skin is a common problem at this time. And it is that,  the low temperatures reduce the secretion of fat,  causing the skin to lose water and appear tight. Protecting it correctly and reinforcing its hydration will make it shine again. Follow our tips to  take care of your skin during winter. 

Strengthens hydration 

During the colder months, the epidermis of the face suffers, appearing duller and drier than ever. To regain its beauty, you can follow a very simple strategy to reinforce its hydration. It is about  hydrating the skin of the face daily and in depth,  also doing it in the most appropriate way. To put it into practice, start by washing your face with a  cleansing balm  that does not generate much lather. When you're done,  don't completely dry your skin.  In this way, it will retain even more water and you will avoid dry skin.  

When choosing a daily moisturizer, select a  24-hour moisturizer that ensures the nutrition of your skin throughout the day. If you want to further strengthen its action,  complete this treatment with the application of a  serum  loaded with moisturizing assets such  as hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this, the water will be retained in your skin, giving a more homogeneous and healthy appearance to your skin.  

Carpe the Night 

The nights are the perfect time to help the facial skin to recover from the temperature changes it has been subjected to during the day. The  nourishing night treatment creams  are the best ally when it comes to moisturize the face in depth and restore the skin barrier. Useful í Zalas every night to wake you with a smooth skin ,  firm  and hydrated  

Hydrate your body 

Remember that the cold also affects the skin of your body. When it comes to caring for her, follow the same strategy. Right out of the shower, pat yourself dry with a clean towel and apply a  scented body lotion It is important that you do not lose sight of your hands and lips , since they are two of the areas that suffer the most from changes in temperature. Take the opportunity to take care of them with hand  creams  and  lip balms  that, in addition to hydrating, provide a delicate aroma. They will not take away the cold, but it will be one more incentive for you to enjoy your day. 

Avoid temperature changes 

As you have seen, during the winter months the skin loses hydration due to changes in temperature. To ensure that your skin does not suffer this winter, start by reducing these changes to the maximum and follow our hydration tips.  

Do you have everything you need to take care of your skin during the winter? Visit your nearest Equivalenza store  or  our website  and get the essentials for this season.  

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